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Standard Alarm Devices

Standard Alarm Devices

2-Wire Smoke Detector - A class of smoke detectors that employs the same two conductors to supply power and to receive a signal from the detectors activation.

4-Wire Smoke Detector - A class of smoke detectors that employs two conductors to supply power and two to send the signal for detector activation.

Acoustic sensor - A device that is designed to detect and respond to sound. It may be a simple microphone or a sophisticated detector employing filters, discriminators and signal processing circuitry which responds only to a particular sound like plate glass breaking.

Alarm control - A device that controls, monitors and processes signals from alarm sensors and initiates prescribed outputs according to its programming.

Battery back-up - (Standby battery) A battery used as a temporary power source in the event of power failure, usually located in the metal enclosure that houses the
control board.

Bell - An electro-mechanical sounding device that utilizes an electromagnet to cause an arm (clangor) to strike a gong.

Butt Set - A modified telephone handset used to monitor and test telephone lines and equipment, also referred to as Lineman’s Test Set.

Communicator – The element on an alarm control that automatically dials a central station and relays information about the protected building. It communicates digitally with the central station computer; it cannot produce spoken words that could be understood by a human.

Contact – (window switch) A switching device that is activated manually, by a magnet, by a relay or other means, that senses the opening of a window or door.

Control panel - A device that controls, monitors and processes signals from sensing devices and initiates prescribed outputs according to those signals. Sometimes call the “brain” or “mother board” of an alarm system.

Dialer - An internal modem that dials the company central station to indicate a breach in security.

Fixed English Keypad - An alarm system keypad which displays the system information via preprogrammed English language words, messages and/or icons.

Gas Detector - A sensor designed to detect the presence or quantity of a specified gas.

Glassbreak vibration detector - A sensor that is attached to glass windows and doors that detects cutting or breakage.

Heat sensor – (Heat detector) A device that detects and responds to a given temperature or to a prescribed rate of temperature increase.

Holdup button – (Panic Button) A device used to initiate a holdup alarm condition.

Key pad - A device that allows a user to control an alarm system by pressing keys numbered 1 through 0. In addition to the keys, almost all keypads have some means of displaying information to the user about the system. The keypad is NOT the Control Panel, although in some wireless systems, the keypad is mounted directly on the control panel.

Microwave sensor - A type of motion sensor which uses microwaves to sense movement in a room.

Motion Sensor – (PIR sensor or Passive Infra Red) A type of motion detector which uses invisible infra light to detect movement in a room.

Resistor – A small semiconductor that reduces the amount of current flowing through a circuit.

RJ31X – A special telephone jack that allows a user to disconnect the house telephone system from the alarm panel in case it malfunctions. This is only needed in systems with central station monitoring.

Siren - A noisemaking device which sounds when the alarm system detects a breach of security.
Smoke detector - A device designed to alarm when there is a fire.

Snake – (noun) A long, wide, flat, somewhat flexible wire used for fishing wire through enclosed spaces; it coils inside a case for storage.

Standby Battery – A rechargeable battery, normally in the control enclosure, that provides power to the system in the event that AC power is removed. It also can deliver extra current if need during an alarm situation (to help power the sirens, for example). It is sometimes referred to as the Backup Battery.

Strobe light - A high intensity light which strobes when the alarm is activated.

Voice Dialer – An add-on device that will, when triggered by the alarm system, automatically call several pre-programmed telephone numbers and play a recorded voice message that a human listener can understand.

Wireless – A method of installing an alarm system, where all or most of the components communicate with the control panel by transmitting radio signals.

Zip Cord – Cable in which each conductor is insulated, but there is no additional jacket surrounding them (speaker cable, for example.)


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